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If you read all of this you will find out different ways to get  things for free and a great job, too!


There are a lot of ways to get us to clean for free and yes, we really mean free.  For many years we have gone to jobs and completed them by four or five o'clock.  Obviously that's when everyone else is finishing their hectic day and the interstates are over-run with people anxious to get home. We came to the conclusion that it was better for us to delay our exit from the jobsite during this time, so we clean something for free while we wait.  This, in turn, benefits our customers.  In most cases we would clean their sidewalks, door-mats, porch floor or driveway.  Depending on the ending time of the original job determines what gets cleaned for free and yes, we always clean something for free.  We will also come out for a free cleaning demonstration.  When you call a company on a phone you're never sure who you will get till they get there.  Sometimes you get a company that is ok and they do an ok job.  Other times, you're not sure if you should open the door when they arrive.  Stop the guessing!  Call for a free demonstration and you will be covered.  Give us a call and we'll  come out, set up and clean an area of the surface you want cleaned.  Then if you're happy, discuss with us at that time the details of the completion of the job or, you can give us a call at another time.  If we were like every other company doing a so-so job, this type of business practice would put us out of business. But we are so sure that we are better than anyone out there, that we have been providing these demonstrations for years. It is beneficial both for you and our company.  On the customer's behalf, you get to see how clean your surface can really be and whoever cleans it has to match the cleaned area we previously cleaned.  On our behalf, we believe no one can match our job so we feel you will need us to finish the job right. It's true that some people decide to get it done as cheap as they can and don't mind the job not matching our sample and never call us back, and that is ok. 

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